Monday, 18 June 2012


I'm in Sheffield visiting one of my besties and so far, so ADORABLE. I when I arrived at the bus station they were playing classical music and tat the customer service desk there wasn't a glass window between you and the man which I found very strange. I was very tempted to like poke is friendly little face or something. Then when I got on the Tram the voice over thing tells you to "hold tight" before it leaves! I'm not here for long, I leave tomorrow but the plan is to go shopping and for me to make use of going to the cinema without having to pay stupid ammounts to do so in the process. I bought the fancy camera as well so I'm going to try and get some nice pictures. Me and Beth have have been friends since we were 12 and I think it would be nice for us to have a picture of us looking nice and all grown up.
You MAY be wondering why I'm writing a blog post during my short visit here. It's because Beth is STILL at uni! Poor girl! And Since my lappy is out of order it's nice to be on one again.

Anyway here's some cool things from some Sheffield based Etsians to pretty up my blog post

Frigging AWESOME Dinosaur Skirt from 4getmenotshop
Corgi Face Cloth! from Bear Country UK
Big Top Cushion from Butterscotch Bee Sting

Cow Print from Sdolman
Some great stuff in Sheffield then! The Dinosaur skirt is amazing and I have know idea what's going on with the pillow - is that a Hippo/ Bird/ Dinosaur?! For a second I thought it might be on crutches... but that's exactly why I love it!

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  1. How funny that there was no glass; I would've wanted to touch him too. Haha. :) I love visiting smaller towns where movie prices are still low, and you can eat at restaurants where the bill doesn't give you a shock!