Monday, 11 June 2012

Father's Day

Where's the remote? Fathers Day Card

Papa Bear Fathers Day Card

Hey guys! It's Father's Day soon and whether you like your paps or not you should probably get him a card!
My father's day cards have been to pretty well! I've sold 4 all together (to some this may not be a lot, but every time it comes up to a major holiday or at least one that involves a greetings card, I always aim to sell one and so far I've been exceeding it! I'm still in my first year of Etsy-ing So I'm happy to take it slow!) Basically my fathers day cards are based on my Dad, who we call Papa Bear or C-bear. And C-Bear has the embarrassing habit of walking around the house in just his pants, occasionally when we have visitors too! (I thought this was a normal dad thing but according to my friends and some craft fair goers... It is not. ANYWAY. So my fathers day card if a Bear in Pants was born then Sub-sequentially my birthday bear cards and "Bear in pants says Thanks"! I do like the little bears I draw I cannot lie. Probably one of my favourite animals that I've done! And I've got some ideas for a bear themed mothers day card based on my mum for next year!

The card making will probably be a bit slow til I go back to Northern Ireland for the summer so for the next few weeks I'll be sorting out all my shiz and cleaning the house. I few weeks ago I realised that I'd be moving for the 4th time in 3 years! (!!!) I'm starting to get really sick of moving but I'm excited to get my next academic year started.

Anyone else's Dad got some embarrassing habits?



  1. Hahaha! My dad doesn't do that, but he talks back to the TV, which is extra funny when he's in the room by himself.

  2. I must admit I've gotten into the habit of talking back to the TV recently...especially when I'm watching films!