Saturday, 10 March 2012

Feelings and Shiz.

Since I started to become a stroppy teenager I've had some sort of journal, it's always been a good outlet but was never a regular thing. I started up properly with the whole journal thing a couple of years ago when I was really insecure about something and didn't realise how stupidly ridiculous it was until I told that person on facebook chat and was subsequently extremely embarrassed . That was when I realised that I needed to see the problem written down to realise how insane it was and so I put 2 + 2 together and got myself a journal to save myself at least some embarrassment in the future!
And I'm glad I did! I've been writing in journals pretty regularly ever since then, the only reasons why there may be some gaps in time are because of my inability to afford a new one from time to time.
I try not to moan TOO much when I write in my journal but my god is it easy too. I try to write down good thing and nice memories too. I want to keep these for ever, no matter how embarrassing and look back on them in my old age whilst reminiscing my youth!
I know it's quite shallow of me but one of my favourite things about keeping a journal is buying a new one! There's just something about buying a new journal or any sort of stationary that's really satisfying. I think because you don't have to try anything on in stuffy changing rooms or walk around massive impersonal supermarkets!
Here's some Etsy pretties! ... Some of them aren't specifically journals but I don't always buy a proper journal to use as a journal. Sometimes they're just pretty notebooks and jotters that I cannot resist!

Girl and Bear Notebook from Hiden Seek

Turquoise Journal from Patiak

Amsterdam Journal from Peony and Thistle


  1. Like the Amsterdam one best

  2. I've kept a journal since I was a teenager. I LOVE the Amsterdam one!

  3. Amsterdam one seems to be popular! Personally I like the triangle one the best! Amsterdam is a close second mind you...