Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Cycling aint what it used to be

Oh my, I have been lacking in posts recently. This is due to mainly due to work, uni work (on an essay that i actually find interesting!), Birthdays, Mothers day, visits to Vicky's - Where I had the BEST white chocolate cheesecake EVER!  and a random new obsession with the Vampire Diaries.
For the second time I have gone to visit Vicky with Richard and then come back with at least a bag of stuff she's very kindly given me. This time I came back with loads of card supplies, cow stickers a bag and the said tasty cheesecake! This lady is too good to me! So in between the essaying and working I've been doing a few cards and as soon as my essay is submitted I'm gonna get into proper card making mode! Hopefully I'll come up with a few new ideas.
Speaking of stuff that Vicky has given me, I am easing my self into cycling call me unfit but my god is it harder than I thought. I swear it wasn't this difficult when I was a child! In my defense though, I do live on a hill. So i'm taking it slow and i'm gonna get used to cycling to work, once i get used to that i'm going to try cycling to uni.
Moneys been pretty tight so I couldn't afford to buy my wonderful mother a present this mothers day but I did make her a little Koala card, similar to the one that's for sale in my shop but holding a bottle of wine rather than a cup of coffee!
Also I sold this little guy too which i'm quite happy about!

I'm hoping to treat myself to this ring when I get my next loan through...

Vintage Ring from Dot Stitch
That's pretty much it for now! I'm hoping my next post will be much more card/etsy based...

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