Friday, 30 March 2012

Fancy Schmancy

So I FINALLY bought A blog template! I have been dying to do this for SO. LONG.
In a dream world i'd be able to make my own template that would some how be as good as this but I have absolutely no idea how! For the moment I just want something simple- and this is absolutely perfect- then I think sometime in the future i'll get a more personalized one.
I liked the idea of having something blunt (and very literal ) for  fancy font for the tag line so I went for "Drawing and stuff"!
Today has just been such a good day, I could not stop smiling... it was actually quite embarrassing!  I got so much done! Including getting card supplies, making some thank-you cards for my family and going to work (managed to fit some window shopping too!). Now i'm waiting for my aunt to pick me up to take me to Kent, good ol' Kent! Where I shall relax and make lots of cards!

Lots and LOTS o' love,

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