Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hark the herald angels sing!

Christmas is looming! I'm sure many people would disagree and tell me it's too early but I need to think of more ideas and pronto. So far all I have is I cow dressed up as Santa and one with a really tacky Christmas tree.
I love tacky Christmas tree's, it's what I grew up with. Every year my mum would beg my dad to get a "normal" sized Christmas tree, luckily he'd always come back with a 12 ft one! We'd have climb up the stairs to put the star on the top. It's all about miss matched multicoloured decorations, most of them tatty and hand made from when my siblings and I made them in primary school a good 10-15 years a go now. Multi coloured lights and mass amounts of tinsel are also a must. Rather upsettingly, Dad got a tiny tree last year but was still decorated accordingly at least. So yes I thought it would be fitting to make a Christmas card that celebrates the brilliance of the tackiest of Christmas tree's.

Again the photography student housemate doesn't get back till tomorrow so have some examples of tacky Christmas tree's...

 from:  Mountain Dew Christmas Tree! (For any people who don't know, Mountain Dew is the most disgusting American drink you will ever taste)

Also this:

from add too many decorations and it's perfect.


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