Monday, 26 September 2011

Choir, wash, blog.

 So as you can see, I've been having an idea involving Giraffes, here's hoping they improve. Giraffes are so cool, they run like they're in space, maybe I should attempt to draw one running... or maybe I should just take it one step at a time.

Photography housemate and scorned (for now) housemate are back and we had a nice family dinner. Fajitas are TASTY. The experience was made that bit more fun by denying it to the hungry boys in the house. Then I made some more Chocolate feast buns (cupcakes, whatever) because photography housemate hasn't had them before. One day I'll have her take a nice picture of them.

First day of uni tomorrow. My 9am lecture is called "mind and madness" I'm very excited about the "madness" part. Here's hoping second year - take 2, works out better than second year - take one. I'm only in one day a week and once the old loan gets through I'm going to do lots of drawing and I'm going to pester you all (and by all, I mean my one follower - thank you Elisa!) with all my attempts! 


P.s If you're disappointed with the photography quality, I took it myself. So don't think less of photography student housemate.

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