Monday, 21 October 2013

Penguin Obsession

I am like listings magee right now and they are mainly penguin based one's too. I just love drawing these little guys, they're so cute!

As much as I love drawing them (and manatees!) I'm starting to think I should think of something new to draw... I've sort of been considering sloths lately because one my best friend loves them and I always love a lazy animal... I should do a lazy animal series, that could be fun!

That's something for me to think about, in the mean time here's some more listings:

Penguins Birthday Card
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Penguins Christmas Card
Hippo Thank You Card
Manta Ray Card

Thursday, 17 October 2013

For Sale!

Finally got around to putting up some more listings! I had to go over to my sisters to steal a bit of internet but she kicked me out before I got the chance to put everything up but I'll be doing that tomorrow. Here's a bit of what's gone up so far...

Manatee Christmas Card I

Manatee Christmas Card II

Cow Christmas Card

Bear in Pants Christmas Card

Granny Pants Christmas Card

More to come!

Sunday, 13 October 2013


I'm a bit crap at blogging consistently as maybe a few of you can tell and I've started to think that maybe I should just accept this, I mean obviously try my best and all but sometimes certain things are out of your control. The internet at boarding here is AWFUL, i'm sitting in the library at the moment in the hope of finally getting a post out. Ocasionally I'll wonder why I even blog in the first place, but after scrolling through some previous posts I've come across some ideas that I had completely forgot about! So I'll definitely be keeping it up.
It's been a hectic month, I've really been enjoying working at the boarding school - the girls can be little scamps when they want to be but they're all very sweet, at first I found it difficult to be stern with the girls if I needed to but I'm getting used to it now! I also got job as well! Woo! It's just another retail job but it means I can finally start saving for travelling! Other than that I've been hanging out with friends a bit and a cetain Ginger came to visit which was lovely! Here's a few pictures...

Boob Buns from Beth
One Damned Good Pavlova (if I do say so myself) I made a chocolate cream instead of using just whipped cream and it went down pretty well.
Carrick A Rede rope bridge is no where near as scarey as it used to be.
Cute wee house
The Giants Causeway just before my camera ran out of battery.