Thursday, 17 October 2013

For Sale!

Finally got around to putting up some more listings! I had to go over to my sisters to steal a bit of internet but she kicked me out before I got the chance to put everything up but I'll be doing that tomorrow. Here's a bit of what's gone up so far...

Manatee Christmas Card I

Manatee Christmas Card II

Cow Christmas Card

Bear in Pants Christmas Card

Granny Pants Christmas Card

More to come!


  1. Are these all original paintings still? x

    1. Yeah they're hand painted cards at the moment! When I can get to some decent facilities I'll try scanning them and printing them outbut for the mean timeI need to do something with my hands! xx

  2. Oh man, these are so adorable. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier -- glad to have found yours!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion