Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Back to School

So after graduating university I've decided to go back to my old high school! Working there will definitely be interesting. I'll be working at the boarding department that I myself boarded at for two years, so it will definitely be a little strange to be going back there as a member of staff. The thing is...  I had the most fun when I was breaking the rules there (dorm raids were my favourites!) and I'm a bit worried that I'll end up rooting for them when they break the rules too!
It will have to be silent rooting, under the disguise as sternness, I don't want to be getting into any trouble myself and when I think about it, I'm sure I'll get a little cranky when they don't shut up and go to bed!

In other news I have been drawing, not quite as much what with packing/job applying but at the moment my camera's out of battery and my chargers some where in the midst of my suitcases! I thought I'd take a  leaf out of Paiges blog and do a little back to school post! Stationary shopping before school starts was my favourite thing to do, so here's some pretty things from Etsy:

Pencil Holder from Less and More

Linen Pencil case from Hello Violeta

Mini Notebook from Wit and Whistle
Leather Canvas Backpack from DuDu Leather

Science Chalkboard Notebook from Newton and the Apple

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  1. Ha! What a fun job you landed! You will definitely be able to relate to the residents. Practice your stern face though, ok?

    Love your curated back to school goodies here, esp. the pencil holder!