Monday, 22 October 2012

It aint all bad...

Let me be really honest about why I haven't posted much lately. Basically, it's because I've been moping around a lot due to the fact that I'm going through my first break up and rather unsurprisingly, break ups are shit! I don't want to go into a lot of detail as I feel like that it would be a little crass but I have been very up and down lately hence the lack of blogging/drawing.
It's not all been terrible; I've never studied so much  in my life... not that I think that I consciously chose spending time with my then boyfriend over studying. It's more that now that I have more time to myself  I think to myself  "well I might as well go do some work."
My friends and family have of course been the best, even just by listening to me whine down the phone and  just generally being cool people, just a couple of days ago a friend and I managed to piss ourselves with laughter at how terribly we handled each others break ups, it was quite therapeutic. And there is of course my Aunt, who's house I went to for some serious moping because moping around a flat you've just moved into with people I didn't know too well did not appeal to me. I'm sure having a crying mess of girl around the flat wouldn't have been particularly comfortable for them either! (That said, when it comes up they are very sweet) I seriously do not know what I would do without my Aunt so close by!
I've got a lot of reading done too, since I got back I've read two "Twilight" books (try not to judge me), "The Perks of being a Wall Flower" and the "Hunger Games". Now I'm reading "Sputnik Sweetheart" by Haruki Murakami to try make up for the fact that I read two twilight books.

I was supposed to open my Etsy shop on the 24th of September but because a mixture of feeling funny, not having space in my room for a desk and being back in full time education, it's still closed for them moment. Now that I have one major and very difficult essay out of the way, hopefully I can get it opened soon!

A few days ago however, I did do some drawing at the library -  here's some new ideas I've had for Christmas:

I'm pretty happy with the bear Christmas card at the top and the giraffe one at the bottom, but I'm not so sure about the middle one though. I like the idea of doing a card meant for someone who was born on Christmas Day but I just think I need to make the bear in the card itself needs to be a bit more obvious about it.



  1. I love the cards- especially the bear!

  2. Hey you. Hope things get better soon, but glad to hear you're getting lots of work done!

    Haruki Murakami is the awesomest! And your giraffe is mega cute :)

  3. I love line drawings full stop! I like your style.... On the subject of break ups, immersing yourself in some artwork is the best thing to do ... I find it very therapeutic and you can get lost in it for hours once you get started on something and because you are concentrating then you forget to think of the person that doesn't deserve the pleasure of your company anyway!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!
    BeOdd - yeah drawing has definitley helped take my mind off things, although I should have mentioned that even though it's been tough, the break up has been a fairly pleasent one! No bad blood between us!