Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Hello again...

After sitting around and watching 25 million episodes of SNL, I decided to return to reality!
So here I am, back in London. I'm all moved into my tiny room (which isn't as tiny as I thought it would be). I've just been getting back into the swing of things, going to class and hanging out with my new housemates. I'm living with 3 boys! Gross! but I think it'll be a nice change to always living with girls... if slightly more disgusting.
I ended up doing a last minute craft fair! I texted Vicky to let her know I'd be coming down to visit her at her  stall at FUSS market and she told me I might as well bring some cards down, so I did! Luckily I made some over the summer. It went well for a last minute sort of thing, made an extra bit of cash which was handy as i hadn't got my student loan by that point. I love FUSS market, it' always has a lovely atmosphere and  it was also nice to catch up with Vicky AND to make it even better they allowed dogs in, good lord they were cute.


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