Friday, 28 October 2011


New Job means lack of posting and even drawing! It's been pretty tiring but it's good to be working again, although I did stupidly manage to be late on my first day!

Last Saturday I went up to Edinburgh to see my mum and my sister where I finally got to try Yo! Sushi! It was good but there used to be a sushi place in Greenwich that was much better... That said it got shut down because they had rats... but anyway it was lovely to catch up with them and Edinburgh's one of my favourite cities so it's always nice to go up. We then went  down to Newcastle to see my brother for the day which was nice too, my brother was very happy because I was staying with one of my best friends who happens to be very beautiful and so it was an excuse for him to try (and fail) to get in her pants. One of the reasons why Newcastle is so brilliant is because out pub quiz team WON A KEG! A whole fecking keg! It was a shame I had to leave the next day but I made the most of it whilst I could.

So it's been a busy week hence the lack of drawings and also photos in this post, the plan is to actually get some cards up for sale with in the next couple of days... Here's hoping!


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Typing with a broken key board is annoying.

Some more Christmas ideas, I like them but I think they could just be better in general. I can never get backgrounds right, I'm never sure if i even want one but I'm going to ask photography housemate for some tips because it turns out she's bloody good at painting too. The plan is to have them up for sale by the beginning of November.

In other news, today I dressed up in slightly slutty clothes, put on LOADS of fake tan, make up, hair extensions, a pair of massive heels and posed semi provocatively around  central London. It was all for photography housemates project and was actually kind of fun but I did spend the day shouting "I SWEAR I DON'T USUALLY DRESS LIKE THIS!!!!" A few of the pictures ended up looking surprisingly all right.

                                                A X

Monday, 10 October 2011

Like these but better...

 I'm not entirely sure if my Elephant and Giraffe look like they're have Santa beards or if they look like they have rabies. I plan on turning other animals in to St. Nick, but this time more sea life than wild life.

In other news I found a brilliant new dress for £13 quid a couple of days ago in Deptford, which is close to where I live. it's from this little vintage shop called Rag n Bone which has a mixture of bargains and some random expensive stuff too. Speaking of expensive, the lady at the till nearly charged my 12 grand for it but luckily I noticed something wasn't right with the numbers before I pressed enter. And so I bequeath wisdom upon you, my six followers (thank-you!) and any one else who may be randomly reading , go check out those shops near by, even if you live some where slightly gross ( I love you really sef landan )you may find a little gem or two.
Mach Lav

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Animal Cafe

Now that the weather hasn't been absolutely
    glorious, I've actually been doing some drawing! I quite like them but i don't quite think they'd be good Christmas cards as such, as Angels don't necessarily mean Christmas... they're always about aren't they? But over all I am pretty happy with them. All the animals I've drawn are from this really awesome, massive book, simply called "Africa" that my boyfriend owns, he has a knack for finding cool books for cheaps.

Personally, I'm pretty glad it's not ridiculously hot anymore, firstly, because I don't fare well in hot weather (thanks Dad) and secondly it just wasn't RIGHT! It was bloody October! I bought all those winter clothes for nothing, but now I have some use for them!

 In the nice weather though, I went Boris Biking with my sister and neighbour from back home (now studying in London) in Hyde Park which was SO MUCH FUN all though you tend to cycle in fear of not getting your bike back on time and getting charged £150.
 Any way that is all, if anyone is actually reading this I demand honest opinions!